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Kirill M
I visited the capsule hotel, I liked everything very much, I slept well after a long flight, I also want to note the polite staff, namely the administrator Tigran
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Tatyana Grishchenkova
There was a 6-hour wait between flights. I arrived at Moscow time early in the morning, at 7 o'clock. I did not sleep the night before departure.

I saved the hotel - I had a rest from the heart. And with a good mood and restored strength, she flew on.

Staff. A friendly and friendly blond guy showed and told everything.
Purity. Everything is clean, the linen is clean and odorless.
Silence. Here you need to understand that this is a capsule hotel, so I'm afraid it's difficult to guarantee perfect silence. I was lucky with the neighbors and the sound insulation was also at a high level.
Atmosphere. Pleasant.

There is a compartment under the bed for things. I am attaching a photo. Administrators keep an eye on everything. Valuables can be put in a bag and taken to the "room". It is impossible to hold a toilet in such a room at the airport. Therefore, it is worth noting the proximity of the toilet - right in front of the hotel.

I had a good rest.

The prices are quite affordable in comparison with other airport prices - I gave 3,000 rubles in 4 hours. For me, the less I pay, the better. Why the price is never low for me)
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Natalia B.
I was vacationing at the capsule hotel that week. I really liked the staff, especially the receptionist Hassen, who was attentive and answered all my questions. I was pleased with the coffee machine in the lobby with a free drink
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The hotel is located on the territory of the airport, behind the passport control line. I really liked it, I stayed at the hotel after an 8-hour flight across Russia, and after 9 hours, there was an early morning flight abroad. I searched for hotels nearby for a long time, read reviews that it was problematic to get out of hotels early in the morning, and stopped at the capsule. After the first long flight, I checked in for the morning flight, went through passport control...I checked into the hotel, took a hot shower, dried my hair, put myself in order, went to the cafe opposite the hotel and went to sleep. I slept well, rested, had breakfast and calmly went to board the plane.

The capsule has a high, soft mattress, Internet, air conditioning, clean linen... To spend one night and not worry about how to get to an early departure, I really liked it, I plan to stay there again.

Clean in the capsule, clean toilet, clean shower, empty clean urns in the toilet.

The hotel staff is polite, helped with my questions
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